ECHO® tackles the “4 Pillars” of payment processing so you can do what you do best—grow your business.


We connect our payers electronically to over 900,000 providers and vendors

Our years of industry leading experience allow us to deliver the largest electronic payment network available. ECHO clients achieve “Day 1” electronic conversion through immediate access to over 900,000 providers and vendors.

No more back and forth with different banks or managing electronic enrollments; payers and their payees collectively eliminate the complexity of multiple portals, banking relationships, payment modalities and reconciliation. ECHO provides the connection that makes total electronic adoption possible.

  • 75% of payers state that reducing paper check issuance is a high priority
  • Most have seen single digit conversion rates from internal efforts
  • Some of the largest barriers are IT costs, staff training and the complexities that follow introducing a new process to existing workflow


Surpassing industry and legislative requirements

The ECHO solution provides the certainty that you have a trusted, compliant partner. Meeting the requirements of HIPAA, OFAC, or IRS 1099 reporting is a fear of the past with ECHO.

HIPAA compliant transactions are a certainty with ECHO’s proprietary systems, ensuring the data from your adjudication platform is transmitted in compliance within the Operating Rules of the Affordable Care Act (Section 1104).

All transactions are vetted against the OFAC database to ensure that your business is not compromised.

Our industry leading IRS 1099 Compliance provides the assurance that your business is not burdened with the requirements and financial liability for the annual reporting process.

As an ECHO client, you have the certainty of knowing that all payments are issued in a compliant and secure environment. Compliance is core to our service, giving you the ability to transform to a fully automatic and compliant solution, in just 90 days.


All payments streamlined and reconciled through one system

ECHO’s proven solution goes beyond connectivity and compliance. ECHO clients recognize significant improvements through the automation of existing manual procedures, including a single source for reconciliation across all payment methods.

Reconciliation is one of the most difficult obstacles payers face; issuing, tracking, and resolving payments, each in a different format, drastically reduces operational efficiency. ECHO completely revolutionizes the payment process by providing a single source for all payment data—automatically.

The time spent exporting and importing data and payments back and forth from separate accounting and claims systems is eliminated allowing you to optimize staff and resource allocation in critical areas of your business

  • Up to an 80% reduction in time spent reconciling payments
  • Ability to work with existing file formats
  • Implementation and workflow designs built around your current capabilities

Ease of Use

Experiencing Payments Simplified® in action

Connection, Compliance and Efficiency come together to create a seamless and trouble-free experience. Ease of Use is defined by ECHO’s single platform for managing all payments – resulting in account access, training and total payment information that is a simple point-and-click away.

No more training team members on multiple portals or keeping up with numerous logins. Provider and vendor enrollment is completely automated, making life easier for your team and saving both time and money in one comprehensive payment solution.

  • Training and deployment completed remotely within hours as opposed to weeks
  • Administrator access rights to allow you to manage the system, users and level of access
  • Customized reporting designed to support your current requirements and specifications
  • No costly provider or vendor outreach campaigns

“ECHO was a one-stop shop for us – other vendors could do the electronic payment portion but not the virtual debit card so it would have been necessary to add another vendor to the mix to accommodate that piece.”

Custom Design Benefits

“While our implementation process was many years ago, we continue to be impressed with the ECHO team and their creative responsiveness to our needs and our clients’ needs.”

INTEGRA Administrative Group

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